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Hey there ! It's Md. Fahim Bin Amin

Competitive Programmer || 1⭐ Problem-Solving @Hackerrank || Tech-enthusiasts || Student of Computer Science and Engineering at United International University



I love Programming a lot. I love to solve programming-related problems and making projects in various programming languages. I can also make so many things simply by leveraging code that other people have made for me to use.

I have completed my earlier studies at Adamjee Cantonment Public School and Adamjee Cantonment College. As I am pursuing my career in the field of CSE, you may have already been able to understand what my passion would be. I am passionate about tech-related stuff from when I was a student of standard II. It might sound crazy, but I was a tech-enthusiasts from that earlier age of mine. I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge in almost every section of technology and already have been made myself an expert in some of them. I keep decent knowledge and expertise in the hardware and software section, either computer-related or phone-related stuff. I love to participate in Competitive Programming and work on programming related projects and so on. If I want to mention some hobbies, then those would be programming, watching movies, listening to music, trying to learn new things (It might have been sound weird, but it's actually true!), etc. If someone would ask me about my special quality, then I would mention some of these: - Problem Solving - Tech Enthusiasts - Leadership - Strategy - Fast learner - Creativity - Cop up with any technology within a concise amount of time and so on.